What is Referral Spam and How Can You Stop it?

Referral Spam refers to when your website is the target of a spam robot which sends traffic to your site, which isn’t ‘real’.  However, your site will interpret this information and convert it into your Google Analytics account which will result in incorrect, and inefficient data.

There are two different types of spammy visitors that you may have to your site. Let’s look at these…

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3 Ways Marketers Can Develop Great Content Marketing Ideas

There’s not a right or wrong way for developing great content marketing ideas. The bottom line is, your business has to generate ideas – the right ideas – to attract and engage customers.

Content marketing – the emails you send out, the blogs your business publishes, and the webinars you host (and more) – that is irrelevant or doesn’t offer buyers value is worthless content. And you shouldn’t bother to dedicate precious resources to generating it.

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Guide to Remarketing: Part 2

In Part 1 of our Guide to Remarketing, we looked at what remarketing is, the different formats of remarketing, who remarketing is for, how remarketing works, and how to be successful with using remarketing. Hopefully, after reading the first guide, you are now ready to start your own remarketing campaigns through venues such as Facebook and AdWords.

This second guide will help you through the process of setting up your AdWords remarketing campaign.

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Guide to Remarketing: Part 1

You’ve paid for search ads and social ads, but what more can you do to maximise your return on investment? Enter remarketing!

In this guide, we address what remarketing is and the channels in which you can use remarketing. Once you have understood Part 1 of the Guide to Remarketing, you will be able to move onto Part 2, which explains how to set up your remarketing campaigns in greater detail.

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