Always be tagging – Why You Should Always Tag Your Links

So you’ve been adding links to your social media posts and emails…that’s a great start. However, do you know what specific social media posts or what specific call-to-actions on your emails are generating sales and/or leads?

It’s surprising how many businesses still view their Google Analytics data by channel as a whole rather than delving deeper to find out what specific content within that channel, led to the change in averages.

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What is Referral Spam and How Can You Stop it?

Referral Spam refers to when your website is the target of a spam robot which sends traffic to your site, which isn’t ‘real’.  However, your site will interpret this information and convert it into your Google Analytics account which will result in incorrect, and inefficient data.

There are two different types of spammy visitors that you may have to your site. Let’s look at these…

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