How to Generate More Leads for Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the easiest and effective marketing techniques to generate leads, which is why more and more are seeking specialist online marketing companies for small businesses.

It allows you the chance to share with your customers the latest products, news and events which that are happening within your business. As a result of this, you will build a relationship among these visitors who will respect the company’s loyalty and will become part of their customer base.

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When try to generate leads for email marketing, it does not always have to be that difficult. It’s simply just about ensuring you have put the right strategy in place. We’ve put together our top points that we think are vital for you to see an increase in the amount of leads that are drawn to your business through it.

Using Landing Pages to Generate Leads

The landing page is the final step of your customer’s journey on your site to complete that conversion you are waiting on. It’s your chance to tell the visitors that your services and products  are different, and better, than your competitors and give them a reason to want to find out further information or offers that are available from the company by encouraging them to sign up to the email newsletter.  Once they have signed up, you’ve got their details to push products that they want to see and use and pushing them closer to being a consumer and not a visitor.

It’s important that you make sure your landing pages are fully effective for this transition to happen. Ensure that every email that you send out reflects the website- take into consideration the colour, the headline, the content. Does it continue to promote the brands message and persona on email? It needs to be the same to keep the user interested in what they receive. You should monitor both emails and landing pages to see which has the highest performance rate in terms of conversion and see how this can be improved.

Using Social Media to Increase Reach

Social media is key to many businesses no matter if they are a small or leading brand and today, everyone at some point, has communicated on social whether it’s liking a brand’s page, following them , commenting or sharing a post they have mentioned. The importance of social media should be taken into consideration when planning your strategy plan- it can play a vital part in seeing those numbers increase!

.When sending out emails to potential customers, you want to promote a topic that they will engage with- one that they will want to share on their social channels to their friends and followers. By them doing this, they are giving you easy, and free brand exposure.

So, what’s the best way to do this?  Include social media links within the email that you send out to them. They simply have to open it and within seconds the message you’ve sent them can be instantly shared to their network. Make sure you include all social media channels- as some might have a bigger network on Instagram than Facebook, or vice versa. Give them the opportunity and the right tools to share it, and sit back and wait for the results.

Using Social Login to Generate Leads

Have you ever been on a website and it’s asked you to sign in through Facebook or Twitter? And to save time, you have agreed to it and the social channel has taken over your phone? This is a strong tactic used by markets to encourage users to engage with the brand more via social and is referred to as social sign on.

Nowadays, everyone is in a rush, and to ask people to fill in forms takes time, effort and energy, by simply choosing their favourite social media channel they can simply login in any time or day.  As a result of this, businesses can capture vital information about the user which they can use for future purposes to turn them from a visitor into a customer. Data including the user’s age, gender and location can be identified and used for future deals which can be tailored to suit them perfectly, and win them over so that they will want to spend their money on your site. This way, you can take on board this information and target them via email marketing. You will know exactly what they are searching for and present an email to them that they simply cannot resist!

Using Social Media Contests to Generate Leads

Contents are one of the easiest ways of catching information about potential customers.  Come up with a fantastic giveaway that visitors will be interested in winning. Avoid hosting a competition that’s not relevant to your site such as win £1000 as this will attract the wrong audience to your site- and they’re likely to never return!

If you are a shoe store, give away a pair of your finest and most popular shoes. From this, you’ll be given an indication of the type of people that are entering, are they a certain age group? Where do they live? What type of shoes are these visitors look for? You can then interpret this into your marketing plan. Those that entered before will become fans of your company as you are selling something that they are interested in, and eventually over time they will make a purchase.

You can collect vital information from them by asking them to retweet or share competition to their followings, submitting their email address or taking them to a landing page where they can fill in some details about themselves which you can then use for email marketing purposes which you can they use to target them in the near future- just to remind them of how great your products really are.


Email marketing still remains a popular choice of strategy for increasing leads and is used by many online marketing companies for small businesses. It continues to turn visitors into sign ups which in time will see them become customers. Just remember to make sure you are targeting the right audience with your brand.

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