What’s Been Happening In Search – December

What’s been happening recently in the word of digital marketing? Well, in case you nodded off for a brief moment, we have this to share with you so that you’re caught up on some of the more important stuff.

Let’s Look Into the World of SEO

Saying Goodbye to Content Keywords – Google Webmaster

Goodbye? Like, forever? Yes, Google is now releasing Content Keywords Feature from it’s “Search Console” nest. The tool once renowned for seeing what Googlebot found whilst crawling a website, is no longer. What does this mean for keywords on a website then? You can still check a page on your website and how Googlebot found it using the Fetch Tool to search any URL. Remember though, your (unique) content and keywords are still important for Google (and users) to establish what the page is about and to understand it easily.

The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO – MOZ Blog

Everyone wants to know what’s topping the charts in the SERPs, right? How to rank highly or rather the format and type of content that is typically ranking well in Google searches is important for anyone trying to establish some authority. A great resource for learning what’s happening out there at the moment.

Rethinking Long Tail Keywords: how to get TONS of traffic from ‘unpopular’ search queries – AHrefs Blog

As one aspect of SEO, we know how important on-page SEO is for search engines and making content Google-friendly as well as providing those keywords of high value, relevance and high search/low competition. This great article explains the elements that when put together can make your great content, searchable.

11 Email Experiments + The Citation Labs Outreach Best Practices Record – Citation Labs

Focusing on email outreach, this piece goes into significant depth regarding link building, what works and what doesn’t work. In addition, we get the Citation Labs team to give their feedback on email outreach in their section of “Best Practices” WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING IN THE WORLD OF SEO & PPC?

How About PPC & Ads

‘Tis the season, so make sure you have the AdWords app – Google Inside AdWords

With the holiday season well underway, what is your business doing to make things easier for consumers and most importantly, providing what they expect – especially with the increasing importance on mobile. 5 Great tips to ensure your campaigns are on track.

The AdWords Performance Pizza: 8 Ways To Dominate Your Competition – Marin Software

It’s more than a great title and awesome infographic! It’s loaded with toppings to make your Ad campaign salivate. Yes, the 8 tips are designed to get the performance boost you need from your PPC campaigns, in an easily digestible form. It’s clever and it’ll stick in your mind.

4 Signs Your PPC Client Is Going To Quit And How To Save Them – PPC Hero

Nothing’s forever and when a client jumps ship, it’s (often) clear to see what you could’ve done to prevent them from moving on or just ditching their PPC campaign altogether. PPC Hero have come up with four great tips to help you out when it seems as though a client is growing distant or uneasy about things i.e. thinking of pulling the plug. One of the main takeaways form this is ultimately, communication. What are the client’s intentions? Remember, things don’t always stay the same. Problems can ferment even when simply “nothing” is happening (this can be fatal for the relationship) and when something out of the blue comes around the corner you didn’t expect.

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