January’s Roundup from the World of SEO, PPC & Ad Marketing


Now that we’re nicely settled into 2017, we can show you what’s been happening so far from last month, the top news from the world of SEO, PPC & Ad Marketing and more importantly how it could affect your business. Let’s begin.

SEO & Web News

What is technical SEO? And why is it important? – EConsultancy Blog

Your marketing team should be in the know with how to ensure the company’s website is appropriately optimised in terms of content, on-page and off-page SEO, link building etc. What about the technical side of things? Well, the webmaster will be responsible for this.
The most imperative time for a business to be focusing on this will be when the website is being built, but it’s not all down to this timing because your customer’s behaviour and the firm’s direction come into play here too.

Site speed optimisation, HTML markup and understanding which content you have on your website you wish to rank highest for are some of the stand-out areas to be focusing on to ensure your site is running how it should.

How to check which URLs have been indexed without upsetting Google: A follow-up – Search Engine Land

After your site’s pages have been crawled by Google, next up is indexing (the results from crawling put into an index). Of course, you want Google to have indexed as many of your site’s pages and URLs as possible for better SEO and SERP ranking. However, the sticky part here is that Google won’t allow you find out which pages aren’t indexed without breaking the rules.

The more pages you have indexed, the better = better organic traffic which in turn, of course, is better for business. Have a look through this article to see what solutions are offered for businesses.

How Cloud-based File Sharing Technology Improves SEO for Small Businesses – CMS Critic

Improving SEO seems like an open search with almost endless possibilities for improvement. Everyone wants to improve their ranking in the SERPs, get noticed and have traffic come their way and most importantly for big players like Google, Bing and Yahoo to recognise and “reward” accordingly.

Is there another way for your business to up its SEO game beyond keyword-ranking and optimisation and high-quality backlinks?
Web portals are used for sharing data of a sensitive nature and it’s these which can help a small business by adding a custom-branded URL to your website’s domain name. The article goes on further to explain the benefits of a web portal for your business and what it’s for.

Protect your site from user generated spam – Google Webmaster Central Blog

Is your site adequately protected? Business security and the anxiety around highly sophisticated hacking can be quite troublesome to any business. This blog post gives you ideas for what to do when it becomes apparent multiple (sometimes hundreds) of spam comments are reaching through into your blog – therefore posing a security risk.

Learn how to deal with and protect yourself against this.

SEO and PPC roundup

PPC and Ads

5 Techniques for Improving PPC Campaigns with Little Effort – Business 2 Community Blog

Why are we using PPC campaigns as a marketing tool? To generate leads and therefore ultimately, drive sales. These can work regardless of your budget if they’re done correctly. Reaching your specific target demographic at the time which suits your business is just one reason why PPC continues to be so successful – it’s optimised, it’s tailored, to your website.

This article covers 5 great tips to help ensure that whether you’ve had a PPC campaign set up for your business and you need to maintain and track it’s efforts or to understand more about starting it from scratch, you’ll find out how done well, this could really have great success on the horizon.

Dos and Don’ts of Creating A PPC Campaign – Business Zone

A great roundup offering some really valuable advice. Recognising that PPC ad campaigns need to be utilised in the right way for them to target your audience. From surveying your market and direct competition to maintaining and managing your campaigns.

Google’s Ads Added by AdWords Test: 7 Things to Know – Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

As a PPC ad user for your business, you may well have had an email from Google explaining this new “Ads Added by AdWords” campaign they’ve started rolling out. Essentially google are adding more Ads to your Ad groups in order to boost your traffic (and boost performance – estimated between 5 and 15 percent)

This could mean that you’re probably going to have to review the ads as you don’t want to be paying for something you don’t entirely trust – i.e. if you’re only starting out using PPC Ad campaigns, you might wish to consider your budget and if this could really pay out the dividends.


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