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In the spirit of keeping your business updated in the world of SEO, Web and PPC, we’ve got another roundup of the important stuff, so you don’t have to do all the searching for the important news.

SEO & Web News

SEO Monitor – Accurately Measure and Analyse Your Competition – Rank Ranger

Your business needs to know what its competition is doing and in this case, what keywords they’re ranking for as well as how your competitors are approaching the SERP in their quest to kick you out of the frame – it’s that which sets this SEO tool apart, the detailed analysis.

The SEO Monitor is able to provide you an in-depth insight into what your competition is doing in their goal to dominate the same SERP you are! Feel like you’re doing far more than touching the surface with your SEO analysis and get inside the minds of your direct rivals.

7 Ways You Screw Up Your Email Marketing – Search Engine Journal

Email marketing can have a dramatic effect on your ROI when it’s done correctly. In fact, the article quotes this fact “for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25.” So it’s definitely something your business cannot ignore.

This article highlights the ways in which your business isn’t doing it right and how you should correct it, now.

Always remember, it’s about engaging, not selling.

Google testing ‘tags’ label in search results snippets – Search Engine Land

Did you ever go through your blog posts and site’s pages and just fill out the tags without really knowing what it was achieving? Like many, you may well have done. As it happens the tags don’t really account for much when it comes to SEO, BUT, Google have announced they are indeed ‘testing’ the use of applying listed ‘tags’ in the SERPS…

Structuring URLs for Easy Data Gathering and Maximum Efficiency – Moz Blog

Own an e-commerce business? This is definitely, 100% worth a read!

It turns out, URLs should be structured “with data gathering in mind”. This insightful article focuses on the importance of making, what Jeff Bezos refers to as ‘Type 1 decisions’, and how setting your site’s URL should be something you do once, with confidence. It’s

It’s all about organising your content and keeping this ‘organisation’ in sync with your URL.

SEO PPC news

PPC and Ads

Interviewer tips: insights for building a strong PPC team – PPC Hero

With first-hand hiring experience for his department, Jeff Baum has a really interesting piece to say here – it’s as much about establishing what you’re looking for as who you’re looking for. Both company and candidate should be doing some preparation homework…

So whether you have ‘PPC’ marketing people working for your business or you just need to know what should be involved should you ever wish to create a specific role for your company, it’s full of great tips.

Pulling Ads from Google: Smart Move or PR Stunt? – Wordstream

If you’re paying Google for Ads and feel they might not be reaching the wide net of people you’d like or you’re just unsure completely, where your Ads are shown, take a look. After all, you want to be sure your Ads are appearing in front of customers who have (or might have) an interest in your business.

Dynamic Search Ads are now more effective than ever – Inside AdWords

Heard of DSA? Well, now Dynamic Search Ads really can take the ‘managing’ work out of keeping your Ads and keywords in line with who you’re trying to reach.

Read top tips on how to expand your Ads, show more relevant ones to your audience and the use of pages feeds and how only relevant products will be shown to your customers.

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